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Please complete the application below to be considered for a spot on my top ranked team, The Juvo Empire! 

By completing this application you are being considered for an exclusive spot on my team and a member of my coach apprenticeship program.  I will contact you within 24 hours to answer all of your questions and let you know if you will be a good fit for my organization.


Who We Are... 

The Juvo Empire is a FAMILY. We support one another in health and fitness and in life! We pick each other up when we fall down, and we celebrate one another when we succeed! The Juvo Empire is a team of women, men, single, married, moms, dads, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and stay at home moms to name a few that all come together to help other reach their health goals, and in turn build a business. I mean, we get paid to get fit, so you can't beat that, right!

Juvo is latin, it means "to serve, gratify, and please others". When I founded my team 2.5 years ago, I knew I wanted to keep the mission of my team on SERVING OTHERS and helping them succeed in their fitness goals! So, I made Juvo part of the name!

As the leader of the Juvo Empire, it is my goal to help others create the business of their dreams at home that gives them flexibility and freedom in their life. There is no reason for a new coach to have to go out and re invent the wheel when I have created so many resources and tools to help you succeed. In bringing that goal to life, I have devoted multiple hours to creating training that will help bring my coaches dreams to life. I've created step by step resources and guides to help my coaches succeed. It's laid out in a step by step basis and allows them to take this business at their own pace, so whether they are a busy doctor or a stay at home mom, they can find time to build this business. 

Thank you for your interest in the fitness opportunity! I'd love to connect with you further, so if you have Facebook, feel free to send me a friend request at I am so glad that you are interested in learning more about what I do as an online fitness coach and how you can do it too! 



Let me start off by telling you that it has forever changed my life! I started almost 4 years ago and WOW, how time has flown! When I started I had a full time job in my Master's Degree career field as an Instructional Designer, but I didn't feel fulfilled. And, my husband and I were BURIED in student loan debt. When I started this business, I never thought anything would ACTUALLy come of it, but I figured it I could use it as a way to reach my OWN health and fitness goals, and help my friends along the way, it might be worth it. 

I've been truly blessed by God with this opportunity and it gives me

so much joy to help others find their way in this business too. 

You see me now as this girl with a social media following: 

   -the girl who is 32 years old with a Master's degree but works full time from

    home OR anywhere doing something she LOVES 

   -the girl who is has built a 7 figure business from Facebook and Instagram 

   -the girl who travels ALL OVER THE WORLD (mostly because my company pays for it!) anytime she wants

   -the girl who FINALLY dropped the yo-yo diet to find BALANCE and the body she thought she could never have... 

   ...but before this business I was just a girl who wanted more for her life. I am just like you. I'm a small town girl. I am a wife. I am a dog mom. I am a regular person! I am no more special or talented than you. I started from the very beginning with hard work and determination. Anyone can do this! TRULY! And that anyone includes YOU!

You do NOT have to be:
   -at your goal body 
   -a salesperson (never will be!)
   -a fitness professional
   -an expert
   -big on social media or know a lot of people

   -and YOU CAN WORKOUT IN A GYM with our programs if going to the gym is your jam! NO PROBLEM! 



It’s truly pretty simple…I work out with my online fitness program. I drink my nutritional shake each day. I share my results and MY journey and story authentically with friends and on social media. This means NO SALES post - I just share ME! People buy their products and programs through me, and then I add them to my online fitness accountability group where I coach them daily, cheer them on, and help them get the best results possible! And, NO, you don't have to be a fitness expert, you just have to be somebody's cheerleader every day! The fitness expertise and programs are provided to you from our company, so you don't have to worry about making up any of that! It's part of the package! In a nutshell, you begin our health and fitness programs to transform your own body, you share that journey on social media, you host an online fitness group with ME as your mentor the first few months and invite your followers/ friends to get fit with you, you earn income for doing so! 

All you have to be is passionate about bettering yourself, helping people and willing to work hard for something SO rewarding…you get a business, a community of POSITIVE people, and a health and nutrition program that will help you get the body you've always wanted! Oh, and everything is done online—no products or inventory for you to keep up with or quotas you have to meet or unnecessary products that you are forced to buy. (THANK GOD! No pyramid scheme BS! We aren't here to take your money, we want to help you earn money by helping others!)


Income growth is different for all coaches, but here's how my business has progressed through HARD WORK AND DEDICATION throughout the last 4 years. Never once did I think this business would turn into this - I would have been happy with $50,000/ year - but it's truly incredible what happens when you work hard, serve others, and trust God. This has been a huge blessing and I LOVE paying it forward to help others. In doing so, I've helped MANY of my own coaches build a business that allowed them to quit their full-time jobs too!! And, even more who have been happy to do this in their part-time as  a way to get fit and earn $500-$1500 a month just having fun with it! 


I show you how to build your business every step of the way. That is why I am so successful, because I want you to be successful and give you the tools necessary to do so. When you join me, you are part of a TEAM of people who want to help you succeed. You aren’t in this alone. My team and I give you exclusive and intensive training that will help you reach all your goals and make your dreams come true. You will receive:

   -fitness support and coaching with weekly check ins to hold you accountable

   -weekly calls with me to help you learn the biz
   -online and self paced step by step training that shows you how to learn and build the business

   -team support, encouragement, and brainstorming

   -ability to earn fun paid trips with me to the beach to mastermind this biz! 

Diamond Dash (1).png

I'm launching my exclusive New Coach Mentorship program next week. This is the same program that has allowed MULTIPLE coaches of mine to grow full-time income to become their own boss! I have 20 spots only in the mentorship for new coaches who are ready to learn, apply, and earn income by simply helping yourself, getting fit and helping others do the same! If you are interested in claiming a spot in this exclusive mentorship, please watch the video below and then fill out the application to be considered for a spot. As soon as the spots are filled, I'll begin a waitlist for next month's mentorship. However, NOW is the time to get going as we are quickly approaching the holiday season where people want to look good for events! APPLICATION PROCESS: Once you have submitted the application, I'll be reaching out to you to discuss the best program to help you reach your body goals while you also kick open your own fitness business!


  • Application below 👇 for serious candidates.

  • ​The ​video​​ above explains everything in detail and allow you to meet the other awesome ladies on my team!​ ​You can vaca​y​ with us too someday! ;) We are headed to ​Miramar Beach next weekend (paid trip for them for building their biz!!) 

I look forward to learning more about you! Let me know what you love most and what questions/concerns you have for me please!



Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.


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