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Let's chat about PROGRESS PHOTOS. Dun dun dun. I KNOW, you probably just groaned or made some type of "No way!" face. Trust me, I GET IT! Here's the thing though... Pictures are going to show your progress more than ANY OTHER metric, I promise. Also, you joined this challenge to lose weight or change something about your health/ body. It's my job to help you do that. Submitting your BEFORE photos/ measurements is the best way to hold you accountable and help you get the best results. I will never post your pictures to any website, we won't ever show your pictures to anyone. Cross my heart. You are welcome to crop your head out of the picture. Each week we will ask you to send updated progress pictures and measurements, so be prepared for that on Monday! Remember that when you want to cheat or skip a workout! I can't wait to see your progress!! Don't forget, you can win money with your results photos through Beachbody's Challenge Contest (more details to follow)! Check out this link to learn how to take measurements and pictures:

2) I welcome you to post your BEFORE pictures to the Challenge Track group publicly every Monday! THIS is the ultimate accountability. 

3) PRO TIP: Take 2 sets of before photos. Hands free: One set where someone is taking the photo for you and another set that you take in the mirror. I update my mirror progress photos every Monday, but only update my progress photos at the 


Posed Photo

Mirror Selfie


  • Women: Sports bra to reveal stomach area with slim fitting shorts. If choosing not to wear sports bra, make sure you wear a tight, light colored tank top.

  • Men: Shirt off with athletic shorts.

  • Take at the same time each week.

  • Take from SAME ANGLE each week

  • Wear SAME CLOTHING each week.

  • Take front, side, and back photos.

  • Hair off the shoulders to show definition.

  • Make sure your main lighting source is shining on the whole front side of your body and face, not behind you, not above you, not on one side more than the other.

  • Try to shoot photo with neutral non-distracting background so when you submit to Beachbody you WIN cash!

  • Make sure your background/mirror is clean.

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