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*1856 Lives Changed in 2015*

WOW. I'm humbled, honored, and speechless as I sit back to take this all in. When I decided to change my health last year, I never thought that it would create a ripple effect that would help THOUSANDS (goosebumps!) of other people. Thank God for this incredible opportunity. I founded my team, The Juve Empire, a little over a year ago. Juvo is Latin for servant, helper, someone who gratifies and pleases others. I wanted to keep this mission at the forefront of my business, so I made it part of the name. It was to serve as a constant reminder to myself and my team as to what the main mission was... to change lives every day. We are doing just that and I'm truly blown away. 1856 lives may not seem like a lot to other people but considering that my team is SMALL, this goes to show how dedicated that we are in serving others. I want quality in my coaches, not quantity! I want coaches who are empowering and leading others daily! I want coaches who belief in their ability to serve others AND create their dream life at the same time! And guess what... that's exactly what type of coaches are on my team. We are fierce. We are fighters. We are family. **** To the coaches on The Juvo Empire... you inspire me daily. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you! Whether you realize it or not, YOU make a difference in my life every day! I'm blessed to call you my business partners and my friends!! Let's keep serving others and chasing our dreams! I'm so proud of you!!!!!! Xoxo, Ruth

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