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Spicing Up Plain Chicken

Here's a tip that I'm going to have to use me often!

Yesterday, I baked a large batch of chicken breast. Now, I DO NOT like plain chicken breast for dinner or lunch (yuck!), but I realized I could make it to use it for a whole host of recipes this week. Today, I had Buffalo Chicken Salad with celery for lunch (yesterday I had it on a wrap but I need a yellow for dinner tonight!), and we are having spaghetti squash banana boats for dinner! Makes everything fast and convenient! Here's a list of other things I could use my pre cooked chicken to make: 🐓Chicken fajitas 🐔Chicken lettuce wraps 🐓Chicken stuffed peppers 🐔White chicken chili I bet there are even more ideas I'm missing... feel free to drop your ideas below! 😊 **** Buffalo Chicken 1 red of chicken 1 dollop of plain greek yogurt 1/2 blue mozz cheese Garlic to taste Green onions to taste Franks Hot Sauce to taste Mix and microwave!

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