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Spicy Spaghetti Squash Boat

Spicy Spaghetti Squash Boat recipe that we made last night. One of my fabulous Fixers posted a similar recipe (originally from Whole Foods) in my last Challenge Group and I FINALLY got around to making it (it’s been a busy month!). I put a little spin on it by throwing in some chicken, garlic, cheese, and a little extra seasoning. If you are a vegetarian, you can omit the chicken and it’s still a great dish!


1 medium spaghetti squash, halved lengthwise and seeded 2 grilled chicken breasts, shredded 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 small red onion, chopped 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced 1/2 cup red bell pepper, chopped 2 tsps minced garlic 1 can black beans 1/2 can sweet corn 1 teaspoon chili powder 1/3 cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped 1 tablespoon lime juice 1 teaspoon fine sea salt Your favorite shredded cheese to taste

Directions: Preheat the oven to 375°F. Cover a large baking dish with aluminum foil (no mess!) and arrange squash with cut-sides down (don’t forget to remove the seeds!). Pour 1/2 cup water into the dish and bake until just tender, 30 to 35 minutes. Rake with a fork to remove flesh in strands, leaving the shell intact for stuffing. For the filling, heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add cooked chicken, onion, jalapeño, bell pepper and garlic and saute until tender. Add beans, corn and chili powder; cook 1 minute longer, stirring frequently. Add cooked squash, cilantro, lime juice and salt, cook 1 minute until heated through. Fill empty squash halves with filling and top with your favorite shredded cheese. Give thanks to the big man upstairs and enjoy!

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