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Shift Shop Results are in!!


I'm honestly BLOWN away by my #shiftshop results! Honestly, this is my tiniest and tightest pair of spandex. I never wear them because I pop out of the

top of them. I figured they'd be a good gauge for my progress. And, I'm pretty IMPRESSED!!The Shift Shop challenged me to my core. I had highs and lows throughout the last 3 weeks and on one day I just wanted to quit all together. But, thankfully, I had my amazing accountability group picking me up and encouraging me along when I needed it most!

The program focuses on “shifting” your MINDSET in order to transform your body, right up my alley. It’s a high intensity workout program with both strength and cardio workouts that has a lot of agility movements. The former athlete in me LOVES IT. Overall, I loved the workouts, even though week 3 was KILLER as we started 45 minute workouts. That's my maximum workout duration... I like to stay at 30 minutes. :)

Nutrition plan: Portion controlled clean eating that changes week by week to optimize your results! Additionally, I’ve been using Energize pre-workout to fuel my workouts and I drink Shakeology daily to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins and nutrients that I need each day! Both are AMAZING and I can’t go a day without either.

Trainer: Chris Downing who is SPEAKING TO MY SOUL, y’all!! Beachbody got it right with him! He’s also silly and likes to sing words which is totally in my wheelhouse.

Results... I dropped 6.6lbs and 9.7inches all together! Was it hard? YEP! Was it worth it? YEP!Now, I'm taking on ROUND 2 where we will be following the month 2 calendar for Shift Shop! More results headed your way!!I’ll be launching an exclusive group for people who want to do the #shiftshop with me once it launches BUT I really want to get people going NOW so they learn healthy habits before going extreme with the Shift Shop. If you are interested joining this group OR getting a copy of my #shiftshop meal plan, fill out the form here: #MakeTheShift #fitfam #transformationtuesday

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