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A Delicious BBQ Dessert!

This dessert is AH-MAZING!!! Much better than a chocolate bar and fills the craving for something sweet! Because it's summa time, it's a great dessert to make at your next BBQ partay!

They are peaches on the BBQ with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Start out by cutting your peaches and half like so... You will need at least 1 Peach for every person ( I usually make two per person at home as they are eaten pretty fast!)

Place them on the BBQ on low temperature and flip about 7 minutes in. When you have flipped them back on their front side, add a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon to each one and let them cook until the brown sugar is all melted in (about 5 minutes). Last nights peaches I did not put Brown Sugar on to make them a little healthier and they were just as good!!

After the Brown Sugar has melted they will look like this, take them off the BBQ and serve while still warm.. Serve with Ice Cream (of course not soo healthy), Frozen Yogurt (little healthier) or eat as they are (healthy!) Truly, the best!

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