June 9, 2017

Have YOU heard about SHAUN T week?! IF not, well  I am about to BLOW YO' MIND!! 



Shaun T week is when 1 workout a day is available on All Access Beachbody on Demand that SHAUN T  will be doing himself.. 1 workout a day will pop up on Beachbody on Demand BUT you can't skip ahead, no peaking in this group!:) 


IT ALL STARTS: Monday June 12 and I CAN NOT WAIT!


Shaun T week work outs inlcude;


Insanity and Focus T25-inspired which means...  cardio, intense strength conditioning, abs/core, and lots and lots of sweat


Insane Basics--- this is where you are going to start off slow and get yourself ready for the rest of the week


Pure Cardio 2--- sweat, sweat and more sweat!


Insane Weights--- grab your weights and LET'S Go!


25 Abs-- working that core!


Ripsanity-- A mix between asylum and T25


Speed 4.0-- adrenaline boost!


Dig Deep-- last but not least, ending your SHAUN T week with a BAZZZZING!!


ARE YOU READY?! Contact me if you are interested in 7 days of Insanity!




***To join, I (Ruth Shrauner) MUST be your assigned coach and you must either have Beachbody On Demand or sign up for the free 14 day trial here: Free Membership

This free trial account gets you through Shaun Week PLUS it gives you another week to fall in love with BOD!!



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