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Sneak peak of my NEW OFFICE!

.My first "home office" consisted of an office chair that was in line to be thrown into a public dumpster and an office desk that I found on Craigslist for $15. #truestory

Everything that you now view as "big" started like anything else... super small. Super scary.

I didn't start this business because I was confident and felt "ready". It was actually quite the opposite. I knew I'd NEVER be ready. So I took the leap of faith BEFORE my brain could catch up with my heart and convince us to "play it safe". It feels like yesterday when I quit my full-time job to chase a terrifying dream that God laid on my heart.

I had no reason to believe I could be successful in growing my own at-home fitness business.

With $245K of student loan debt piled up when I decided to leave my secure job, we were not in a financial spot where we could afford to take risks.

But... I could not ignore that tug on my heart and the passion I had found in helping others learn to love their bodies and their life.

So I followed the tug regardless of the risk. Regardless of the fear. Regardless of the doubts.

My life, and student loan debt, would look a whole lot different had I not took the leap of faith when it was presented to me. It was so scary, but so so so rewarding to grow as a person and help others do the same.

God's plan for your life really is bigger than your wildest dreams.

Why not you?

Hit me up if you are feeling that same tug on your heart to start your own fitness biz with me. And, yes, it's normal to be afraid to take this leap of faith. ❤❤

And, yes, I have to use a foot booster. :)

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