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Where would I have been if I didn't START?

I wish you guys could see the actual transformation that happened here. It has very little to do with weight, and so much more to do with self belief, happiness, self discipline and re-writing our stories.

Three years ago, when I invested in my at-home workout program I never dreamed it'd take me on the journey that is has today. I never dreamed that it'd change my entire outlook on life and, through that, change my entire situation in life.

I can't help but wonder where Ben and I would right now if we didn't just START?

What would have happened if we kept saying "tomorrow"?

What would life be like if we kept allowing our fears to get in the way of making a change?

It's actually kind of scary to think about. I'd probably still be that girl who was stuck in a cycle of blame, self hatred, and drowning in student loan debt... All while sitting at home alone waiting for Ben to come home from his 70-80 hr work weeks.

That life would suck.

Thankfully though, I just decided it was time to change and then I did it.

It's that simple.

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