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My $160 Investment Got Me This...

My $160 investment led to

2015- $120,000

2016- $235,000

2017- $95,000

Someone told me that I was good at being “fake” the other day...

I’ve gotten to this point in my business, but more importantly, in my LIFE by being real. And, it started by being real with MYSELF.

In 2014, it started by looking in the mirror… listening to my excuses and my stories… watching my undisciplined, NON-EXISTENT actions, only to discover that I was only FAKING MYSELF. I was PRETENDING like it was the world’s fault my life sucked. I was blaming the government structure, my old career’s prejudice, my student loan situation, my husband, and crazy enough some pretty girls on social media that I was insanely jealous of … it was THEIR FAULT in my mind. I had decided that they had ruined my life… but in reality, it was all ME.

I was the root of my problems. My fears. My excuses. My self-hatred. My inability to take a “risk” to change. My “stories” that seemed so very true to me at the time, but in reality, I was simply a victim to my own mindset. My mind had convinced me that I’d stay stuck in my crappy life forever.

But then one day I was TIRED, I was just so tired of listening to myself complain.

I looked 5 years into my future and asked myself, “If I do nothing, what will change?”

The answer was more terrifying than my excuses...

In 2014, I looked in to my future and I saw even MORE financial stress. I saw daycare bills that we’d barely be able to afford. I saw my future kids being raised by someone other than me. I saw myself as a single wife trying to raise kids in the evening while my hard-working husband spent 80 hours a week at work. I saw a husband who was stressed out to the max trying to provide for his family, so stressed his was mentally absent all the time. I saw vacations that would NEVER happen. I saw fights over money that would never stop. I saw our children watching us fight over money as our marriage crumbled beneath the financial stress. I saw my children growing up and worrying about my own wellbeing and happiness as opposed to their own.

Quite frankly, all of this scared the sh*t out of me.

SO I GOT REAL WITH MYSELF. I STOPPED BEING FAKE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. And, I saw that if I did NOTHING my life would be hard. But if I tried to change than MAYBE, just MAYBE, it would be a little less sh*tty.

Then, I decided to swipe my credit card (no cash to buy it with!) on a $160 fitness & nutrition program that also included the opportunity to build a business.

Over the past years, some of you have had a front row seat as I’ve transformed my own MINDSET, BODY, and BELIEFS. Never ONCE have I EVER told you it’d be easy. I’ve never once been FAKE in regard to what it’d take to build this business…

It’s been scary. Uncomfortable. I’ve been skeptical and untrusting. It’s made me work when I’d much rather sleep. It’s pushed me to analyze my flaws & then work to be better them. It’s made me accept my imperfections & LOVE MYSELF no matter where I’m at in my journey. It’s made me post selfies that I STILL hate posting. I’ve wanted to quit. It’s made me yell at my husband. It’s made me cry. It’s stressed me out. It’s made me question if I have what it takes to be successful...

But then…

You guys, it’s not just something I say... It’s changed every part of my being. My marriage. My body. My faith in God. My passion. My career. My freedom. My finances. My world.

It’s given me a DREAM that is my day to day REALITY.

Not only has it COMPLETELY changed the outcome for Ben & I’s future, but more importantly, the future of our children that don’t even exist yet. What we’ve LEARNED together will forever change the path of any child that we bring into the world.


Yes, it’s been hard, but it’s also been the single handedly BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE IN MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

This type of hard, this type of challenge, BROUGHT ME TO SOMEWHERE BETTER. It gave me LIFE. A passion. A purpose to SERVE OTHERS and help them become better!

The other type of hard that I faced in 2014, it would have been WORSE. The financial stress, the family challenges, it would have never stopped. I’d be living with that type of hard until I was dead.

Instead I chose a short-term sacrifice to create a long-term dream life.

So, “Fake”. Nah, that’s not me. You can call me whatever else you want, but this… THIS IS VERY REAL.

This business isn’t for pansies or victims or peoples who aren’t willing to change…. It takes someone who is TIRED of being broke and hating their life. It takes someone who is willing to trust my process and put in the work on a day to day basis. While it’ll be hard… I also guarantee that it’ll yield so much more JOY, LIFE, and LOVE than you’ve ever realized possible.

Are you a hard worker? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to SERVE OTHERS before yourself in that same process? Are you ready to build a future that is better for you and your family?

Are you the next “me”????

Because if you are, let’s friggin’ GO. I’m kicking off an EXCLUSIVE step by step mentorship on Monday for 10 FIGHTERS who are ready to change their life NOW. Shoot me a lil’ note if you want to learn more about it or fill out the form in comments below. I won’t ever promise you it’ll be easy, but I will promise you that if you follow my lead, it’ll be worth it. Even if you just look in the mirror to love yourself, it'll be worth it.

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

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