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Where do you see yourself in 4 years?

This girl. We've been #rideordie friends for 14 years. 👭💓 Her opinion means a lot to me.

When I opened my online fitness biz almost 4 years ago, she didn't have strong opinions either way about it. But she did say one thing to me that completely changed the game for me & how I viewed my business. She said, "Ruth, if you are going to do this, treat it like a real business."

Honestly, I didn't know a lot about running my own business. BUT I did know that I was one helluva hard worker and I was coachable. SO... I made a deal with myself that I'd do this for real from the get go. I came into this business with no experience but choose to treat it like a million dollar business even before I knew what that meant. I showed up for 2-4 hours daily. I took and applied all the trainings my team gave me. I learned how to connect with people through social media in order to help them in their fitness journey. I failed many times, then I'd learn from it and try it again a new way. Anything I didn't know about the business, I made it my mission to learn.

I put my work ethic and leadership skills to use and treated it like a real business. And not even for years later, I've earned over a million dollars from this online business.

Some of you reading this are like me... 💪Hard workers 💪Coachable 💪Self Starters 💪And are willing to learn new business skills.

You are the type of person who can rock this business. You are the type of person that I want to join my team. If you are tired of working hard for someone else's dreams, I'll show you how to work hard and build a business that caters to your dreams. You need 2-3 hours a day, a desire to learn and try new things, and a solid work ethic. If thats you, let's chat. Shoot me a message.

Where do you want to take your life in the next 4 years??

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