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Who would have imagined?

Four years ago, I never imagined getting along with my husband. We fought all the time. Life was just too stressful. Our finances and student loan debt was too stressful. I couldn't handle the stress and took it all out on him.

Four years ago, I was given an opportunity to better my health and fitness while helping others do the same thing - enabling me to build a business through my own fitness transformation. Before saying "yes", I asked if I could cancel my coach business anytime without penalty.... I asked if it was a pyramid scheme because, you know, I listened to rumors just like everyone else (those are illegal btw)... I enrolled to open my coaching business thinking that the WORST case scenario would be that I'd lose a little weight (pretty awesome worst case). Then I put in the work every day, 2-3 hours each night in the beginning as I still had a full time job. I worked consistently, I worked diligently, and I followed the training.

Today, I woke up and worked a bit in my PJs as my own boss. I worked out (also my job!), then I took an afternoon work break in my pool with my amazing husband. It was an UNBELIEVABLE, yet NORMAL day. I never dreamed 4 years ago that this business would change my life, my marriage, my finances like it has. But... IT HAS.

And it can change your life too if you give it a chance and do the work. I'll show you how to do this step by step.

I'm enrolling 4 new coaches for my new coach mentorship that kicks off THIS WEEK. Shoot me a message to learn more. Imagine what your life could look like in 4 years if you diligently do the work. 😍 The possibilities are endless.

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